Cheetah is a refusing The COD official Twitter publishes a war declaration message for the cheetah

Brand Twitter is OFFICIALLY Out of Control...
Call of Duty or Cod (in French The call of duty ) is a series of first-person shooting video games on the war. The series was created in 2003 by the Infinity Ward studio and edited by Activision. The first three opus take place during the Second World War, while the following episodes evolve towards fictitious modern conflicts, apart from Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: WWII, released respectively in 2008 and 2017. The last. Episode of the Saga Out is Call of Duty: Cold War in 2020. With more than 300 million copies sold worldwide in 2019, all episodes combined, it is part of the best-selling video game series in history. The series has also developed an important e-sport scene on console versions, whose highlight is the Call of Duty Championship.

Call of Duty Official Twitter has released a message for the cheetah, which refers to the latest release on November 5.

In this text, Cheetah will not be discounted and There is no one who likes the cheetah It will soon know the meaning of our words and the word implications that suggest the eradication of the cheetah. Since I will see you tomorrow, it seems that there is an announcement about the countermeasure against some terriant from the tweet.

To the datal cheetah,

We love the game and pour passion.

I am proud to be able to make a game for the world s best fans.

I am always correct, but I am doing my best.

Cheat act ruins everyone s fun.

There is no one who likes the cheetah.

Our goal is to deliver a fun and fair game experience.

To the developer.

To the fan.

And more than anything…

Go to Call of Duty Player around the world.

The cheetah is refused.

Strictly cracks the cheetah. It will soon know the meaning of our words.

The latest work Call of Duty Vanguard will be released November 5th. In addition, we plan to announce the details of zombie mode on October 15.

【PS4】 Call of Duty Vanguard 【CERO Rating Z
~ ~ ¥ 8,690 ~ → ¥ 7,108



[PS5] Call of Duty Vanguard [CERO Rating Z
~ ~ ¥ 9,680 ~ → ¥ 7,918