PS Plus November 2021 Surprise for one of the free VR

Sony is particularly donated in November: in PS Plus whole six games are included. Three of them are VR titles. This celebrates the birthday of PS VR. But one of these games you may also be happy if you do not have a virtual reality equipment, especially if you will be noisy in the words Space Horror. The persistence you can gamble on your normal monitor and the title just fits perfectly in the dark season. We ll tell you more about it.

Free space horror

It s about it: Who has PS Plus, gets six games in November, with three of them are VR titles. One of them, namely the space-horror the persistence, you can also play if you do not have PS VR.

PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) November 2021 (PS+)

Here you can see a game trailer:

All games are available from 2nd November in the PS Store for plus members free of charge and the VR titles are even available until January 3. Information about the other games in November can be found in our article PS plus in November 2021: Fat month with even more free games.

What a game is The Persistence? The space horror sends us into a spaceship in the distant future, which is not only colonized by nasty mutants, but it does not work properly. Our job is to turn our space-chart in the role of Security Officer Zimri Elder, and to survive.

The whole thing becomes particularly tricky in the fact that the gloomy gears are processurally generated and their architecture changes again and again when we die. The Persistence is a roguelike. While our game runs we turn off new skills, find new weapons, but we have to worry about bigger beasts. In our test, the concept came well. The persistence has cut off with 80 points.

Here s the test:

5 2

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The persistence in the test – death is not the end!

This offers the Complete Edition

The game appeared for the first time in 2018. The version we get in PS plus, however, is reported like Gamerant.com, which later published Complete Edition, which contains some welcome advantages. In addition to waiving the option on VR, there is also a campaign + and different game modes.

In addition, the Complete Edition comes with some visual improvements that make the horror even atmospheric. These include, for example, particulate effects and better illumination. The Persistence also offers 4K and 60 fps.

Do you use this opportunity and buy you at The Persistence? And do you use VR or not?