Little Devil Inside That s this way was the presentation of this mysterious and beautiful independent video game

Little Devil Inside It has been the great protagonist of an state of play completely focused on independent videogames that will come soon to PS4 and PS5. In a first look destined to solve mysteries, he has left even more questions about the subject of a game on which we continue to know only a few details that, yes, have been enough to continue caught the attention of everyone who had already I took the eye.

Little Devil Inside - State of Play Oct 2021 Trailer | PS5
First details of Little Devil Inside

This presentation has focused on making clear the main premises. Thus, we know that we will interpret a good-hearted mercenary that has accepted what seemed like a simple commission to investigate paranormal events of a minor nature. However and since it could not be otherwise, things end up being twisted giving rise to an extensive journey in which we will go through different biomes and we will have to learn to survive.

An experience that invites relaxation and discovery, but that will also force us to defeat a few monstrous enemies while we share a journey with a few fellow who do not necessarily be as courageous as us. All this, seasoned with an impressive artistic section in terms of details, quality and that combines very realistic elements with some somewhat more casualties in the characters.

If it was about making sure that what I was going to offer us Little Devil Inside was going to convince us, the truth is that we do not know until what extent he has achieved it. However, yes has increased the intrigue with respect to an adventure that follows without further release date that the inconcreto 2022 and that points to risky bet of the Neostream Interactive team, debutants who have been trying to round a Video game that is best to follow closely.