Destiny 2 So your hard twilight

Destiny 2 has an incredibly hard Endgame activity created with the leader dusk. This week is also because it is more difficult The Corrupted in the rotation. But an ambitious commitment squad managed to kill Sedia in only one phase. We tell you how.

Actually, could players in Destiny 2 this long season 15 relaxed use for hunting by title and triumphs. The runner-twilights are challenging and promising a gilded conquerors title, if you manage all strikes the rotation.

What s the problem? However, the season of Lost has a real nasty compilation of runner-twilights. There are the same contain several crisp strikes, which you have to create it:

Lake of Shadows, European death zone
The hollow hiding random Bay
The cave of the devil Cosmodrome
Exodus crash, Nessus

Proving Ground, Nessus
The Corrupted, dreaming city

Lake of Shadows is for most players no problem at all, he is the shortest runner-dusk strike. In addition, can you grasK, the final boss in the lake of shadows, easily whittling with a sword into Nirvana. But Exodus crash, test site and especially The Corrupted are the exact opposite.

Your does not know the mode runner dusk? Here we tell you all about this:

That is why The Corrupted so difficult: In Strike the dreamer city it s too hard especially.

Permanent buzz Axion darts at one to which take out one immediately.
Possessed rot on the ground pulls off rapidly life.
There are opponents shields, which can only be broken with charged balls.
Seeker projectiles Kreischern and possessed, which also whiz around corners.
Possessed fire of knights, ogres and Unstoppable overcharge champions.
More than 10 negative modifiers plus competitive mode.

Even if all this has not killed one, then the players Sedia expected her kreischigen pool in the final boss arena. The fight takes place at a dizzy height and the final boss is doing everything possible to push you out of the map.

It s why many players to skip the horror and the reason the strike already not so challenging difficulty levels immediately. In the community, he was therefore very fitting renamed The Horrumpierte in.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris - Final Boss and Ending
Therefore, it is also refreshing to see that the Destiny 2 YouTuber Gsxrclyde and its use troop could kill the toughest Strike boss in only one phase.

So you treat the second end boss phase: Normally would Sedia go through several phases immune. Players need only break her shield and then follow it in the ascendant level. However Gsxrclydes and his team save the entire second end boss phase with their method.

They bring so much already Damage purely in the first phase that goes down Sedia. This saves them annoying jump passages, flying stones and new opponents and champions.

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As these is the Insta-Kill succeeded? This single-phase Kill was only possible because of the seasonal mods. It is a combination of stasis, the fountain of gloss and the incredible power of particle separation and focus lens. Thus, in season 15 of linear fusion guns true DPS monster. Alone particle separation granted a debuff of up to 40% more damage.

It is therefore very likely that such Instakill in The Corrupted only this season working as well. So if you want to triumph over sometimes Sedia, would be a good opportunity now.

Heard even to the skippers ? Or is that if you drop by for you a walk in the corrupt? What do you say to the team s performance, it is you already succeeded? And if you were to ask someone for the ultimate tip for these leaders, what would you answer?