ECHO generation for Xbox is a beautiful trip back to the 90s

Genre: Point n Click-Adventure / RPG Developer: Cococucumber (Riverbond) Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC Release: 21 . October 2021 Price: 24,99 Euro / Xbox Game Pass

There are you to play Zelda in front of the complete weekend: Breath of the game and what happens, you rummages through the library of the Xbox Game Pass, discovering with Echo Generation a beautiful adventure game and can not you coming days Release the so-charming 90s mood. Fast! How did Riverbond developer Cococucumber only knowing me with Stranger Things s flair, the voxel look from playing like The Touryst or Cloudpiece , Point n click gameplay and round-based struggles on the hook?

But good, then link still has to wait a little and in the meantime I tell you why I have the download and the so far over ten hours with the game to no second.

That makes Echo generation a special game

Pneuma: Breath of Life Xbox One - Complete Playthrough
So you know what it s going to be in Echo Generation at all, a few words for the squash story that reminded me of the humorous tone of old Lucas Arts Adventures. Two children are played, which controls them from his view through a dreamy American small town. The duo wants to turn an alien movie together with friends and how well it suits that in the cornfield next door a UFO has laid a fracture landing. All that cries regularly after the Netflix series Stranger Things paired with an eerie sequence file X.

Fancy the 90s? ECHO generation is not only visually a wonderful, detail-ailing jump back to the past century, also the soundtrack has provided me for one or the other goosebump torque. But just look yourself:

Two things should noticed in the trailer: On the one hand, ECHO generation can also provide abundant mood and optics. This usually works about grusel mysticism to washfast horror, which hunted me in a position so right out of the chair. Also, because I did not expect it here. But for frightening among you, it should be noted that such a moment was unique until so far.

On the other hand, the round-based battles will be noticed. In the adventure game, where you often do Safe Point n Click Puzzle à la Combine Item with X, say with NPC Yz , is a decent pinch of Jrpg.

Playing World Atmo Humor

So you can improve the siblings by gained experience points in the areas of life and strength as well as skill points in classical role-play manians. Really fantastic boss fighting against hugemechs and scary robo clowns then you go with character-specific skills to the collar. In order to unlock new new, you will have to find comic books in the game world.

The special trick: for your opponents a skill as the surprising knife attack of sister Lily or the ice hockey shot from the brother to roast over the fur is accurate timing. So you do not only have to press a in the right moment, but press five flashing buttons in time for a very mighty attack. If that does not succeed, the shared damage decreases significantly.

The whole JRPG system is quite rudimentary and one tends to use strong attacks over and over again. Nevertheless, the partly crisp battles have kept me very good at the rod. You should only take care of the wrong skill. If you live too little in later skirmishers, then the terminus. You are warned here!

For whom is ECHO generation suitable?

Three things are critical to your enjoyment of the game: You must voxel appearance love can do anything with the charm of the 80s and 90s and not shy away from a turn-based battle system. In addition, it does not hurt if you have a certain preference for point n click adventure.

Quite often you have namely certain items find, combine them with the environment and may have one or the other times absolutely no idea how it goes now. Then it s exploring and looking to the puzzle solution is found.

I liked that less


Wunderschöne voxel optics
Toller 80s / 90s flair
Hervorragender Soundtrack
NPCs witzige
Sehr cool, challenging boss battles


Kampfsystem monotonous in the long run
Viel searching and backtracking
Verskillen possible