PlayStation will give 3 VR games to PS Plus users to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the platform

PlayStation VR will not have been a PS5, but of course it is a platform that is formed as the first steps of Sony in the world of virtual reality . Therefore, a good handful of players have been interested in PSVR and, to thank the confidence arranged on this device, PlayStation has announced on their blog that will give you 3 VR games in commemoration of 5th anniversary of its launch .

PlayStation will give the games to users of PS Plus However, this generosity will not apply to all the users of the company: on the one hand, and as is evident, the players must have a psvr for Enjoy Sony free games. But, in addition, it is added the need to be subscribed to the PS Plus service, so only players who meet these conditions will be able to enjoy a free titles have not yet been specified .

Sony already thinks about the second generation of PSVR Beyond this, PlayStation has wanted to look back and has shared in its publication some interesting data about Users trends with PSVR. In this sense, the company has revealed what are the most played titles on the platform worldwide, a phenomenon headed by Rec Room, Beat Knowledge, PlayStation VR Worlds, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR and Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. In other words, adventures that, optimized to the field of virtual reality, promise incredible experiences .

After all, PSVR is not dead, since Sony continues insisting on its functionalities with the arrival of new games periodically. In addition, those who seek a more polished experience will see a new entry window with the new generation of the company s virtual reality goggles, which will be more powerful and will count a command inspired by the DualSense .

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And the thing does not end here, since it seems that Sony continues to experiment with its platform and, for the moment, a patent that could allow the interaction between the player and the spectators . Of course, there are many things to see from PSVR, so these five years could be only the beginnings of great ideas with virtual reality.