Federals accuse a man spending 57 000 on Pok mon cards with Covid relief money

The Federal Government has accused a man of Georgia to spend approximately $ 57,000 on Pokémon cards. And while this is not something that alone is a crime, the reason why the federals are getting into is because the money that man used to buy said pokémon cards was delivered as a loan in the form of Covid- 19. Relief that was supposed to be used in him.

The man in question who is being investigated by this situation is that of Vinath Oudomsine. When the Covid-19 pandemic occurred in the United States, the federal government allowed some business owners to request help for their companies in order to help save their businesses. Oudomsine was one of these people who applied for help funds and the government ended up giving $ 85,000 to help save jobs in the company. Instead, it is said that Oudomsine spent more than half this in the popular Collectable of Pokémon.

In new documents that were presented this week, the Government discovered that Oudomsine had requested a disaster loan for economic damage in July 2020. It was said that his company was composed of 10 different people in total with an annual gross income of 235,000 Dollars. However, it was said that these details of the company had been falsified, which means that Oudomsine apparently was looking to put money quickly in his own pocket. When the government sent his money, it is said that Oudomsine turned around and spent $ 57,789 on a single Pokémon card. The identity of this card, unfortunately, is unknown.

At this time, it is not known exactly what could happen to Oudomsine as a result. Federal officials say that he could face 20 years in prison as well as 250,000 dollars in fines. In addition, he has only been charged with a single charge of electronic fraud at this time. Oudomsine has not replied publicly to this matter and the lawyers of it have not issued a statement on the name of it.

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