Echo Generation a Beast Mech Mashup Launches Today with Xbox Game Pass

With the excitement of Halloween soon upon us, we have one more reward to introduce. Echo Generation is readily available currently for Xbox One, Xbox Collection X|S, Windows PC, as well as with Xbox Game Pass!

Bear in mind that strange collapsed spaceship in the Echo Generation demo? Now, you and your little sis can journey with buddies to discover this mystery and also the odd happenings in Maple Community. Discover a huge voxel globe, fight your way with frightening beasts, as well as assist your fellow neighbors while examining what took place to your missing out on Daddy.

Along with a lots of expedition and also quests, we crafted a turn-based fight experience influenced by traditional Paper Mario . Gather comics to find out over 30 brand-new strikes as well as master a variety of minigames linked with each skill. Befriend family pet buddies, each with their very own distinct abilities as well as personalities. As your group levels up, you will run into harder enemies and grasping employer battles. Dodge those assaults or you could be in for rather a whipping! Did we state that you can play as one of 9 different usable personalities? That will you pick to lead the fight for Maple Community?

Embed in the year 1993, much of our ideas for the video game originates from popular culture as well as motion pictures from that era. We looked at The Goonies as well as Goosebumps where a group of kids go on supernatural journeys to craft our handle this classic style.

You might see references to this through the poster homages in the hero s bedroom, or consider Shakes when dealing with the rainbow Worm Employer. From trips to the video clip store, cassette tapes as well as treehouse hideouts, we desire Echo Generation to show some of our very own childhoods residing in suburban Canada and capture the sentimental spirit of maturing in a village.

As you decipher the tale of Echo Generation , make new close friends, and case triumph in battle against tough enemies, you ll be able to unlock as much as 50 success. An excellent guideline of thumb for success hunters: Review the dialogue, product summaries and take a look at the success icons for ideas.

Our initial voxel video game Riverbond was launched in 2019. Considering that then, we have actually been functioning hard on evolving the Cococucumber voxel art style, building higher resolution versions in larger, more complex environments. You ll explore a range of degrees like the FST, the heart of the business conspiracy theory, and also spooky graveyards with dancing skeletal system cats, made with stunning shades and atmospheric lights. Experience the vibrant world of Echo Generation in 4K resolution at 60 fps on the Xbox Collection X.

As makers, we re moved by the follower reaction to our reveal Game back in the summertime of 2020 and also saw lots of fun streams of the Echo Generation demo throughout The Game Honors event. Since then, we have actually filled the world with even more enemies, legendary soundtracks as well as certainly, some tricks. Can you determine the secret dancing button? Or discover the Riverbond easter egg by the name of Bob the Frog ?

It is our pleasure to finally share the full experience for all to dive right into. Appreciate Echo Generation , out currently for Xbox One, Xbox Collection X|S, Windows PC, and also with Xbox Game Pass.

Echo Generation


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Echo Generation - Launch Trailer
Echo Generation is a turn-based experience game with a mythological twist. Odd points are afoot in Maple Community: A strange accident leads you on a scary experience with your hometown. Fight monsters, complete pursuits as well as unearth keys to reveal a conspiracy theory that transcends time. Energetic Turn-Based Fight End up being a fight master and also unlock your covert potential by gathering over 30 Comics, each with their very own distinct minigames, abilities and also stat boosts. Collect Your Event Recruit adorable pet dog buddies on your adventure and also use their specialized ability to encounter opponents and employers. Never leave your pet dogs in your home once again! Discover as well as Reveal Tricks The individuals of Maple Community are constantly happy to offer a hand as you full missions and address enigmas; some might unlock new courses or mean a secret or 2. Heartfelt Tale Embed In the 90s, Echo Generation has a heartfelt story regarding the mythological, household and also the fond memories of growing up in a small town. Enchanting Voxel Art Design Immerse on your own in the spectacular voxel art design of Echo Generation, the 2nd title in the programmer s Voxel Trilogy of video games.