Allians 16 bit Metroidvania for PC and Switch announced

With Alliers, Retro Forge and Dear Villagers have announced a 16-bit 2D Action Adventure, which will appear in spring 2022 for PC and Nintendo Switch. On Steam you can already set the fantasy adventure to Metroidvania knit patterns on the wish list.

In the game description it says: In the fight for fame for the kingdom, it is wearing you and your soldier colleagues to Teragaya, a mysterious country on the threshold to the hereafter. It is up to you to find the guards and go to the next world. But where Is the hook? You and your comrades are never died.

Strike to the core of mystery: Overgrowing crop enemies, delete tricky puzzles, strengthen your character and explore every little angle of this enchanting, detailed 16-bit world. So herdians is a lovingly designed retro epic for eternity.

As features are mentioned:

Cinding melee: Swing your sword, parere and avoid the blows of steadily stronger enemies and improve your skills and equipment to find your perfect fight style .
A-thwarted world: Discover a sprawling, hand-designed landscape full of treasures, club hard bosses and secret paths.
16-bit sensation: World class pixel-type breathes the colorful and detailed world of Teragaya life .
Parkour with mind: solve environment puzzle and bouncing using a steadily growing number of motion options from place to place.

Last current video: announcement trailer