Criticism of Chucky 1×01 Death by misadventure the reunion with the diabolical doll

The Film Festival of Sitges 2021 has brought great joys in the field of fantastic cinema and terror but also that another surprise will serve thanks to the premiere of series like histories so as not to sleep , icy blood or Right now it is concerned: chucky .

The series, which has Don Mancini in charge of the script and on the role of Showrunner, was presented within the framework of the festival for the overwhelming and hilarious actress Fiona Dourif , whose character will be introduced in fiction From the quarter episode and that will give you an interesting turn.

She is also the daughter of Brad Dourif , the one in charge of lending her voice to the diabolical doll since the beginning of him in 88.

In addition to getting rid of Halagos towards Mancini, she expressed the admiration of her for the creative capacity of him reinventing each other again and again to the character and refusing to repeat formulas for successful that have been. We can find that this is given that in the speech of this Chucky Elements are introduced rather not treated previously as the childhood of Charles Lee Ray .

Each new episode ends with a Cliffhanger and continene an unexpected turn, said the actress that she did not hesitate to rate the series as the best product of the saga to date and as deliriously fun entertainment.

In the United States SYFY has already issued the first two episodes of the series, while in Spain we will have to wait until January 2022 to see the light on the same channel. In any case, and in the face of opening mouth before Halloween we can not resist you to tell you some first impressions of the boot of Chucky .

And it is that the diabolical doll is a classic of terror: it debuted in 1988 with child s play, they followed two direct sequelae in 1990 and 1991 and then a ristra de films in which the quality of the narrative was variable: The Bride of Chucky in 1998, The son of Chucky in 2004, The curse of Chucky in 2013 and cult of chucky already in 2021, the seventh and last installment.

Go ahead that Bullying, Lgtbifobia or economic inequalities of our society.

But the new coexists with the old: Yes, there are smartphones, podcasts and all kinds of advances that have changed the panorama, but the doll moves thanks to the animatronic and, although sometimes it is cgi for some point moments, they are less.

Chucky Begin by showing us the life of Jake Wheeler, a young man who suffers harassment at the Institute for being amateted to the creation of scabrous sculptures with pieces of dolls. A good day he finds a doll in a rake that he is drawing him and that he wants to use in the next work of him.

However, he has no idea of ​​what extent he is going to change his life … Shortly after the appearance of him, a series of chilling murders that uncover the darkest secrets of the relatives and neighbors of him.

Although at first Jake feels tempted to get rid of him, things will be complicated and will not have more remedy to adapt to the new situation.

At the same time, some allies and enemies of Chucky will go on stage threatening with revealing the secret backgrounds of the murderer doll and gestating the history of a normal child who ended up becoming a non-scrupted monster.

Although at first the plot of adolescent characters may seem very tapicone: Abusonne popular girl, jealous cousin and last loser trying to survive the institute, the SOCARRONA APARCHITY of a playful Chucky subverts all the codes to make us laugh at swing jaw.

We already know these angelic blue eyes and the redhead pelazo of Good Guy, but we are also on notice that he has broken a few dishes …

So from the moment we know about the presence of the happy Pecosete doll without batteries! The fun starts (with winks to the original movie included, of course). Here the protagonist is a fan of real crimes and has inquired something to know the history of the possession of the toy. There is even some sarness towards what a similar doll costs as a glimpse of the Fan phenomenon.

In short, without being perfect, Chucky has a lot of ingredients to persuade the audience: a different story, an inquiry in the origins and a twist to the teenage genre with a very fun macabre roll. Do you want to play?