Rumors of the rest of Bloodborne remaster and the surface of the PC port

The masterpiece of fromSoftware of 2015, Bloodborne , is a unique specimen because it reinvents in one way or another to reinvent the fighting flow of the Dark Souls series, while maintaining a large part of The magic that made these first 4 special games.

After 6 long years, the rumor says not only that Bloodborne gets a remill, but also a suite. To add a cherry on the cake, PC players will be able to discover the magic mix of challenge and rewarding combat he has to offer.

The news comes from Nick de Xbox ERA who has confirmed the information from the moderators of the Subreddit Gaming Leak. Unfortunately, this evidence has not been shared with the public.

Nick would have shared this information with the moderators before Colin Moriarty from the Podcast Sacred Symbols also shares this news, so we can deduce that Nick and Colin have distinct sources improving the likelihood of this rumor.

Historically speaking, a PC port would not be irrelevant for Sony. With titles such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human and Dands Gone already available on PC and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves released simultaneously on PS5 and PC next year, we can have a little more confidence in Nick and Colin.

A Bloodborne remill has long been expected because its visuals have not aged well on the PS4. Only 30 frames per second and aggressive resolution scaling hinder the impact of these extremely impressive visuals and restrict the appreciation of the unique artistic style of Bloodborne . The shredded edges and untailed textures make that Bloodborne appears painfully last generation even on the PS5, not to mention the PS4 Pro.

We can probably expect more information after the release of Elden Ring at the beginning of next year, because FromSoftware will have free resources to transform this rumor into reality. With only a few more months, we could see these new versions soon.

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