COD Warzone Great Anti Cheat

Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) ist eine Software, die von der Spielefirma Valve in die Mehrspieler-Komponenten ihrer Spiele integriert wurde. Ihr Zweck ist es, sogenannte Cheater in Online-Spielen zu erkennen und vom Spielen auszuschließen. VAC bedient sich dafür verschiedener Methoden, auch Detections genannt. Diese Detections verhalten sich ähnlich wie Virendefinitionen in Antivirenprogrammen und werden beim Start eines Internetspiels immer neu geladen. Dabei konzentriert sich VAC vor allem auf die ausführbaren Spiele-Dateien und Programmbibliotheken.Zum Erscheinen von Half-Life 2 im November 2004 kündigte Valve eine Aktualisierung für VAC mit dem Namen VAC 2 an. Circa ein Jahr nach der Ankündigung wurde die finale Version veröffentlicht.

According to the website ModernWarzone, the kernel driver, an important part of the anti-cheat system Ricochet for Call of Duty: Warzone already be lacted and found the way to the cheat developers. That would not mean the end of the anti-cheat hope, but would still be a good sign. Modern war zone still has a completely different theory.

With Ricochet, Activision finally announced the overdue anti-cheat system for many players and players for Call of Duty: Warzone . Part of this system will be a kernel driver for the PC. According to the COD portal Modern Warzone, however, this should already have been online and also available to the cheat developers. (Source: Modern Warzone).


Solution against Cod Cheater? Developer now drives hard guns

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Ricochets kernel driver Lakt online

According to Modern Warzone, the driver initially made the round only in private groups, but then finally finishes in public cheater forums. The COD portal assumes, based on its own sources, assumed that the divided data is the true kernel driver and could have a great benefit for Cheat developers.

What is a kernel driver? An operating system is divided into multiple levels. The lowest of this is the kernel. Unnoticed for the user or the user all together here is what happens on a computer. The kernel thus regulates communication between all hardware and software.

A kernel driver as at Warzones Ricochet has access to the most important level of an operating system. Many cheat programs also have far-reaching rights in an operating system to stop them, anti-cheat programs go deeper and have access to the kernel. This unrestricted access to an operating system and its data is a reason why drivers are often in criticism with such rights.

A Trojan horse?

To ensure best performance and functionality, we recommend updating to the latest drivers Error FIX
Modern war zone presents the theory that there was a controlled leak . Accordingly, the driver is a distraction that Activision itself has spread, so that the cheat developers focus on vulnerabilities that it does not actually exist. The COD portal leads this idea to a report by Activision by examining how Cheat developers used incorrect cod cheats to enforce harmful software in players and players.

The end for Ricochet?

Although it would be quite a setback for Activision, it should actually have given a leak of the kernel driver, which would not be for ricochet. On the one hand, the driver is only part of the anti-cheat system Ricochet , on the other hand, the kernel driver is still revised. Even if Cheat developers find vulnerabilities, they could no longer exist for the release.

An official opinion of Activision is currently not available. It remains to be seen as to what this leak is actually meant for ricochet. The system should only be implemented for the launch of the Pacific Map for Warzone. Vanguard should then follow.