GTA Trilogy Leak reveals the improvements in the Remaster

The official information around GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition are currently still rar. All the better that Rockstar Games now makes the cat from the bag and publish the product description for the Remaster Collection on the Support page .

However, that was probably not intended because now the site was removed again. But fortunately a Flinker User was able to secure the product description and so we now know which features we are most likely to expect with the Remaster parts to GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.

GTA Trilogy gets GTA 5-feature

GTAFORUME.com is a man to find a user who could secure the product description to GTA Trilogy. Thus, playing on high-resolution textures, improvements in lighting and more welcome:

Three icons, three epic stories. Play the original classics of the original Grand Theft Car Trilogy: Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Car: Vice City and Grand Theft Car: San Andreas Updated for a new generation, now with consistent improvements, including brilliant new lighting and ambient Upgrades, high-resolution textures, greater visibility, control and target detection in the style of Grand Theft Auto V and much more, which bring these beloved worlds to life with a completely new level of detail.

The innovations according to description:

Lighting and ambient upgrades
High resolution textures
Larger visibility
Revised control

Feature from GTA 5: The control and the target recording of the original games is too chunky and no longer up-to-date, so that the developer studio has implemented these features from the current GTA 5 part. This should be the control of vehicles and the aims of supple.

Discount for late

On the site was also a note for all bargain hunters to find inside. If you buy the title by January 5, 2022 in the Rockstar Games Store or directly in the Launcher of Rockstar Games, a discount of 10 US dollars is to receive. However, the discount is not immediately deducted from the GTA Trilogy, but can be used at the next purchase.

However, you ll have to decide quickly, because the discount is only valid until January 16, 2022. Thus, you can not use the discount for GTA 6 , which will probably only appear in a few years. All information can be found on Grand Theft:

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GTA 5 gets PS5 and Xbox Series X / S version

If you want to experience for themselves how the GTA Trilogy gets her control: In March 2022, the PS5- and Xbox Series X / follow-S versions GTA 5. These will provide a number of technical improvements such as optical upgrade, better performance and faster charging times. All about GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S be found in our Grand Theft index .

What additional features you would from GTA 5 taken?