Destiny 2 Atlas Skew Week 4 Confluence Guide Tracking the stars

The search for Atlas Skews continues at Destiny 2 from the third week of Season of the Lost. Last week we locate them at Strand, and this week we will look for them at Rheasilvia and Harbinger s Seclude. It seems that we will have to do it once more after this week to advance in Exotic Quest for AGER s Scepter Commercial Rifle. If you are here, you are probably looking for Get the Atlas biases for week 4 at Destiny 2 . This is where everyone is.

First, you must get to The Confluence, an area that is quite hidden in The Dreaming City that is no longer very useful since you can enter The Shattered Throne from the director.

ominous cathedral

Atlas Skews Week 4 – In Search of 4 stars

The easiest way, for the purposes of this guide, to access all the atlas Skews, including this, is to enter through the Temple of the Herald. If you remember to have recovered the Ahamkara Heads Skew Atlas last week, just return to that area and walk along the trail that dominates the cliff. Eventually you will reach a portal that will take you to confluence.

Practically right where you enter, you will see the Atlas Skew in the photo above.

Portal of the connection throne

Atlas Skews Week 4 – In Search of 4 stars

The following three earrings are all in the same general area in several corridors connected to the large room with which you will find as it progresses from the first slope to the central area of ​​The Confluence.

For this atlas Skew, go along the central road if you enter the room from the Harbinger portal. Even if you turn around, it s not a huge area. Take a walk and you will find this distinctive look and Atlas bias.

Giant confluence glass

Atlas Skews Week 4 – In Search of 4 stars

Like the last Skew, you will enter this room by another of the corridors of the large central room. It is quite difficult to overlook this Skew because, as the name suggests, it is next to a giant crystal. It is not necessary to be an expert at all to collect this bias.

Confluence trees triad

Atlas Skews Week 4 – In Search of 4 stars

Continuing with the theme of really easy crystals connected to the great room of The Confluence, this Skew, as expected, is right next to the big tree.

Collect this bias but do not leave the room. The final slope is actually on the road behind the tree from where he entered this room.

Statue of entrance to the garden

Atlas Skews Week 4 – In Search of 4 stars

If you have followed this guide from start to finish, you should not have problems finding this. Simply go through the tree as we mentioned in the last section, then follow the path that surrounds it. You will enter the garden, then towards the end of the road near the portal to the garden area you will see the last Skew Atlas.

After that, finally you finished collecting those stupid skewers! You will have to do a new job instead to complete the exotic search of the AGER scepter. Consult our exotic missions guide complete here if it takes the next step.

I hope this has helped you find all the atlas Skews for week 4 ! To see the rest of our Destiny 2 content, including the season of the lost and the last of the Expansion The Witch Queen, consult our most recent items here.

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