Destiny 2 Atlas Skew Week 1 Locations Guide Tracking the stars

A new exotic search has been launched for the new tracking rifle, AGER s Sceptor, Destiny 2: Season of the Lost, the last season before Bungie Lance Officially 5 in 2022. If you are here, you are probably in the first stage. Of the main mission that sees you running through the city of dreams . In this guide we will see where you should go to find all the atlas Skew locations and advance in the search of the Aguer Sceptor.

alcove of the drowned bay

Atlas Skews week 1 – In search of stars 1

Let s eliminate the lost sector. This atlas Skew is quite easy to find. All you have to do is go towards the lost sector of Drowned Bay and, along the right side wall, you will find a small alcove (in the photo above) where the bias awaits you patiently. Just interact and you will be ready to start with this.

Oracle Orrery dorsal spine

Atlas Skews week 1 – In search of stars 1

This is another low effort Skew atlas to find. All you have to do is go to the Orrery, you know, the place where you did the offerings all those years when Forsaken was launched. If you forgot or if you were not playing Destiny 2, do not worry. Simply go to the location shown on the map above, which is in the Keres column area.

Enter the great and imposing building there, enter and up the stairs to the right until the top of the Orrery. This is where you can find Spine Oracle Orrery Atlas Skew.

Tree of the island of Far Espina

Atlas Skews week 1 – In search of stars 1

This is hard to overlook, but you have to walk a little to get there. This bias is also found in the area of ​​Keres column. Exit the ORREY and go to the floating islands broken located at the far left of this map.

Basically, you will scroll all the islands until you reach the one shown on the map above. The Distant Spine Island Tree Atlas Skew awaits you.

Divalian-Cimmerian trail, Central cave

Atlas Skews week 1 – In search of stars 1

This, although it is very close to where you appear in The Dreaming City, it is true that it can be a bit difficult to lose. Father in divqalian mists and head to the lower central area, on the ground below where you would normally enter Blind Well.

What you are looking for is a cave. There really is not a correct way to describe it. It s just a cave on the rocky wall. Use the photo above as a background and go into the cave to find this atlas Skew.

Divalian-Rheasilvia road, lower cliff

Atlas Skews week 1 – In search of stars 1

This is perhaps the atlas Skews more difficult to find. If you remember the area on the side of the cliff where you may have made the offering of the cat statue or found the golden chest at some point at the Forsaken apogee, then this place can be for you.

Either way, what you want to do is reappear in divqalian mists and embrace the left side wall until you reach the point marked on the map above.

Then you ll have to take a look a little around you until you see that Atlas Skew comes out in a ledge under you. In the image below, you can see a clear angle of the tilt of the Atlas from Lower Cliffside to help you give you a little context about where you can see it.

Low, grab it and, if you have followed this guide, you will be ready and ready to return the mission to HELM.

I hope this has helped you find all the atlas Skews for week 1 ! To see the rest of our Destiny 2 content, including the season of the lost and the last of the Expansion The Witch Queen, consult our most recent items here.

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