Nexon Netmarble EN concentrated on new work preparation

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This is because each game company is ahead of its new launch, and it is unreasonable to affect the decision to decide whether it is not certain to operate and broadcast guidelines.

According to the game industry, according to the game industry, Nexon, Netsmabble and NCsoft have kicked their arms in 4Q09.

Absolute McJty - Ep 3 - Early Game & Ore Double

The 3N game was decided to focus more on new quenching this year. It was reported to bring the capacity to the cooperation ahead of the launch of the Gesta Participation. In the case of Nexon and NCsoft table, the actual release is imminent.

First, Nexon Korea has begun registration of the Blue Archive developed by the subsidiary Net Games. This game is expected to be simultaneously released on Google, Apple, and One Store:

The subcurgular collection type RPG blue archive is characterized by a story that is spreading between the school, the club, and the students. Especially, this game implements the color of the animated graphic production and a full 3D combat method to pursue a different fun.

Blue Archives are elected to Japan in February, and we maintain a stable popularity after recording the top 10 local Apple sales top 10. This game is an expects to see if it comes to popularity in Korea, in Japan.

Nexon is also preparing for launches such as Kartrider Drift and Mabinogi Mobile, Tales Weaver M, and AAA Title, in addition to Blue Archives.

NCsoft has decided to launch Lineage W, which could enjoy the next month, on the 4th of the Mobile PC.

Lineage W is the latest in Lineage Series, and is considered to be an amorphous of NCsoft, aimed at the global market.

This game exceeded 10 million in advance reservations last month, and the use of users to generate pre-character names, and it also increases expectations for the box office.

This expectation is due to Lineage W s game performance. Lineage W is a major feature of a full 3D-based quaternary, Global Wonvill, Multiplayer through Global Curve, Purple, and AI-based real-time translation technology.

Above all, this game will lower the burden of billing business models (BM) tailored to the global market, and support personal transactions.

Lineage W starts a total of 13 services such as Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, including Korea, including Korea, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Then, it broadens the country to North America, Europe and South America.

Netmarble is divided into Seven Knights 2 Global Services and Seven Knights Revolution Development.

Seven Knights 2 will be released on Google Play and Apple App Store for over 170 regions. The company supports the character voice of English and Japanese versions for the Big Market.

New Seven Nights Revolution is the latest of Netmarble itself IP Seven Knights series. It was announced that this game was not known as a differentiated game such as various inorganic use and hero transformation on the use of various weapons and heroic transformation on IP-specific colorful directing and graphics.

Netmarble is a ball that increases the completeness after opening the teaser page of Seven Knights Revolution in March. This game is expected to be released in the first quarter of next year.

Individual officials choose to focus more on Nexon Netamble NCsoft, Nexon Net Damble, not the year-end, a new game. If you participate in the Gusta, you may have a burden, such as resources, such as resource input, I have to focus on focusing and watching better results.