The trailer of Paranormal Activity Next of Kin will leave you breathless New Horror Found Footage

Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin , the new delivery of the popular terror saga that in turn represents the restart of the franchise, presents its trailer after a few weeks ago. And it makes it confirming releParanormal Activitye date and presenting its official poster, a reboot that will be releParanormal Activityed exclusively at Paramount + the next October 29, 2021 , ready for the Halloween festival.

Paranormal Activity Renace with a new nightmare

So, Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin Bets for the same type of cinematographic style of the saga, that is, the horror Found footage or horror footage found through an original story that breaks with the Previous frames and from which JParanormal Activityon Blum , Blumhouse CEO and responsible for the success of the first deliveries of the Saga Paranormal Activity, feel very proud, giving a breath of fresh air to the brand.

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This new trailer introduces us into a story that little by little will become an authentic nightmare for its protagonists. Thus, Margot (Emily Bader) is a young woman who decides to make a documentary about an amish community who lives isolated from the world and from her who comes from her mother. In order to capture the day to day of this community, she embarks on a trip to integrate into this small society, camera in hand to capture reality and record the lives of this group of people outside the progress and the technology.

Although all kinds of situations that will terrify the young woman will soon begin to happen, she suffering what seems to be a threat that aims to end her life; or something worse. Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin is directed by William Eubank , filmmaker responsible for Underwater, under a script of Christopher Landon , who already wrote several consequences of the franchise, including Paranormal Activity : The designated .

Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin opens exclusively at Paramount + The next October 29, 2021 .