Destiny 2 It s Dino Time Festival of the lost 2021 is started

Teamdino is traveling in Destiny 2! On the evening of the 12th of October 2021, the Halloween Event Festival of the Lost is launched, and finally the coveted Dino armor can be collected in the Loot Shooter, over which the community has voted in spring 2021! There are new activities, because there is little surprising with the disappearance of Mercury also the instant research no longer available as a spookforst in the game. For this you can now have three home-looking lost sectors … now … Ham! Two of them are on Nessus, one plays on the moon.

The festival of the lost 2021

Before you fall into the adventure, your Eva Levante in the tower should pay a visit, because there s going on with the tasks for the lost lost sectors. The node for the sectors can be found in the tower card, alternatively, of course, you can also use the Totem at EVA in the yard for the start of the activity.

Over the two weekly and four daily headgards of Eva and the victory over enemies, if you carry a mask, you can earn sweets, which in turn invest in other masks and other bags. The masks you need to create as a ornament on the mask ball helmet, which you get for 100 mica from Eva, and gives it in the variants arcus, solar and emptiness.

Especially interesting is the book of forgotten for Lore fans. The more than 20 pages of the book can be purchased with manifested pages, which in turn can be created by spectral pages. You get you from home-looking lost sectors when your headless defeats. Manifested pages can also be plundered from the reward box at the end of a sector.


The Dino armor itself does not collect you, but you buy it as ornaments in the everseversum, ie with TESS EVERIS. At Eva Levante, in turn, you can achieve the new legendary pulse rifle of primeval green, the automatic rifle Braytech-Werwolf, the automatic rifle scary history, shader and much more; Among other things a spider sparrow!

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