Why do cats like to bother you while playing

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If you have a cat at home, it has probably happened to you that on more than one occasion, this adorable pet interrupts or trials into your gaming sessions, maybe uploading on top of your keyboard or blocking the screen. Well, beyond what you could think, there is really a scientific explanation of why your cat behaves in this way.

Sally Chamberlain, Specialist in the behavior of cats, was interviewed by the Portal Gaming Bible , and thanks to this, we know exactly why these animals enjoy bothering you while you play.

Cats normally make links with their owners and want to be where they are and it is common to seek to interfere with what they are doing to get their attention. The electronic equipment is always hot and the keyboards and controls may seem interesting things for a cat, especially when we combine it with the movements of the hands and fingers of the owners who are using them.

There is a possibility that the owner is doing something and this leads them to believe that it is good and that gives you some kind of reward. The cat wants to participate to see if he can also get some benefit from it.

So there you have it, the only thing your cat wants is to be closest to you, so maybe it s time to think about it twice when you run away from your room, or where you usually spend your time enjoying video games.

Editor s note: Although having your cats nearby is always a good thing, there is going to be moments where it is frustrating that stand in front of the screen and do not let you see. Surely you have spent that your cat gets involved in your gaming sessions, making you lose a game or maybe a fight against chief.

Via: Gaming Bible