Im Hye Sook Sook Digital Platform I will induce a healthy growth

Info technology (IT) is making use of computers to produce, process, shop, and exchange all sort of electronic data as well as details. IT is commonly used within the context of business operations as opposed to personal or entertainment technologies. IT is taken into consideration to be a part of details and also communications technology (ICT). An info modern technology system (IT system) is normally an information system, an interactions system, or, much more particularly speaking, a computer system– including all equipment, software, and also outer equipment– operated by a restricted team of IT customers.
People have been keeping, getting, adjusting, and also communicating information because the Sumerians in Mesopotamia created writing in regarding 3000 BC. However, the term infotech in its contemporary feeling first showed up in a 1958 write-up published in the Harvard Service Evaluation; authors Harold J. Leavitt as well as Thomas L. Whisler commented that the new innovation does not yet have a single well-known name. We shall call it info innovation (IT). Their definition is composed of three categories: methods for processing, the application of statistical and also mathematical techniques to decision-making, and also the simulation of higher-order believing via computer system programs.The term is typically utilized as a synonym for computer systems and also local area network, however it additionally includes various other information distribution innovations such as television and telephones. A number of product and services within an economy are associated with info technology, consisting of computer hardware, software application, electronic devices, semiconductors, internet, telecommunications equipment, as well as e-commerce. Based upon the storage and handling innovations employed, it is possible to distinguish 4 unique stages of IT advancement: pre-mechanical (3000 BC– 1450 AD), mechanical (1450– 1840), electromechanical (1840– 1940), as well as digital (1940– present). This short article concentrates on one of the most current duration (electronic).

Minister of Information and Communication of Im Im Hye Sook Ki – Sook Engineering Technology The Minister of Information and Communications Department plans to induce balanced development between fair competition and innovation environmental compositions so that the digital platform that is growing is greatly grown.

Lee, Hye Sook, said, on the 1st, the National Assembly Science and Technology Information Broadcasting Communication Committee.

Recently, in recent years, the interest in the National Assembly for the digital platform companies is raised, as it increases the interest in the National Assembly for the digital platform companies, as an ICT Judge, as well as discussing regulatory deregulation as well as discussion of industrial growth.

She said, We are promoting Digital New Deal 2.0 to a digital conversion speed and quickly spread to the entire economic society.

The digital infrastructure that has been built into the data dam, etc., is promoted to be able to use it well in the private sector, and is actively communicating with the private sector, and is striving to implement a supernoval society, such as metabus and cloud. did.

With this, she was a major policy intensive of the basic research capabilities and national R & D innovation.

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Imman said, We continue to expand the research on grass roofing of researchers, and to support innovation technology to support carbon neutralization in 2050, fostering the universe industry, Biological Digital Therapeutics, such as developing promising technologies, and future leading materials, said it is promoting the preemptive growth of parts equipment, he said.

He also said, especially in corona 19 treatment and vaccine development, said it is supporting the development of domestic technology with the Ministry of Domestic Technology.

We will cooperate with the relationship department so that we can conveulate with the relationship department and to prepare a customized strategy system for the future, and to prepare a customized strategy system for the future, so that we have cooperated with the relationship department so that we can comply with the national R & D control tower phase and function. .

Finally, we emphasized the expansion of ICT and science and technology roles for embracing social realization.

The Minister of Immigration will actively promote digital emotion policies, including digital emotions, including digital emotion policies, including digital transformation, I will continue to racing multiple efforts to establish a daily, home compatible culture.