Dead by Daylight updates 2 original killers

Bevern in the light of day The developer Behavior Interactive announced the plans for the new half-chapter update this week, but things are working a little differently this time. Apparently, there is both content by publishing that the last update for developers had to be divided into two different parts. The first of those parties launched this week detailed some changes that are happening that involve the powers of two different original killers in the light of day.

These murderers are the trapper and the spirit. The Trampero was the first murderer of the game and, as he suggests the name of him, uses traps for bears to catch the victims of him. He has always started the game with a trap to take with more to find on the map, but now, he will start with more than one trap.

Having more traps is great and everything, but would not it be good to take more than one without accessories? Surely we believe yes, Behavior Interactive said about the changes. «The Trappper will now be able to carry, and start with, two bearings for bears by default. This will help you get going faster without depending on the add-ons. The complements of the trapper bag have been adjusted or reused accordingly ».

Two of the complements of it have also been adjusted. TENSION SPRING Now automatically restarts traps for bears two seconds after the survivors escape from them, and Trapper Sack now causes all the bears traps from the beginning instead of appearing on the map in exchange for not being able to return to pick up.

While The Trapper received a benefit, The Spirit was not so lucky. This DLC Killer has been nerfe to make it easier to determine when the character is using the phase walk power of him and when he is pretending. These changes are detailed below:

The spirit

Any survivor who is less than 24 m from The Spirit will now hear a directional phase sound. This allows you to know if he is changing phase or not and it also gives you an approximate idea of ​​which direction comes.
The steps of the Spirit now raise dust while she is changing phase. Enthusiastic survivors can point out where it is, but high grass and other obstacles can make it difficult for it.

As in The Trapper, two accessories were also changed for The Spirit. Wakizashi Saya now allows The Spirit to use the active skill button to instantly return to the shell and finish the effect of power, while Senko Hanabi makes the spirit shell explode and block the locations of the vault shortly after the end of the Phase walk.

Those are the main detailed changes, but some other killers also had their adjusted accessories. These details and more can be seen through the official update of the Behavior Interactive developer.