Warframe Halloween Event Nights of Naberus returns to October 6th

In the latest warframe devstream (number 157), the digital extreme team announced that the Nights of Naberus will return. It is a Halloween theme event where players can get all sorts of nice treats in the form of cosmetics, weapons and functions.

To start with this event, players need to go to Necralk on Deimos. Find daughter and she is familiar with the nights of Naberus and indicates the sound. This will not be a big event in which there will be special missions of any kind. Instead, this event offers players a temporally limited manfront with rare objects.

Here are all articles that have been confirmed as available during the event:

Warframe: Nights of Naberus items

Naberus Ephemera Bluepaus
Gram day of the dead skin
Bascum Day of the Dead Skin
Basmu blueprint
Ceti Lacera Bluepaus
The ballroom simulacrum
Stinkeye Naberus Glyph
Rotting Naberus Glyph
Grape skull Naberus Glyph
Christmas Eve
Day of the Dead Necramech Skin
Grim grin Naberus seal
Noggle status – stalker
Whispered Naberus Mobile
Spinnet nozzle fly
Nyctalus Ephemera

Daughter will have them in their special shop windows on the days when this event takes place. You will also find that you sell some items from the scarlet spear event. The Ceti Lacera and Bascmu were exclusive to this event, but she has not seen the light of day for over a year.

Any other item will have a kind of Halloween theme, including everyday fly. The DEV stream crew has teased a new winged ephemera in this latest stream. The Nyctalus Ephemera will be the second of its kind, with the first the Eros Wings Ephemera of Valentine s Day Event Star Days .

To keep up with the preservation of Nights of Naberus items from last year, you need to use mother brands to buy them. There is no temporary currency or no representative, which are useless until the next year. We will have any guidance that helps players prepare for this event so that you can grab any desired item from the shop of Daughter.

The Event Nights of Naberus starts on October 6 and ends on 3 November. It starts at all platforms at the same time.

Warframe is now available on all important platforms such as Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, Epic Games, and the Warframe Web site. Click here to stay up to date with warframe updates and even instructions for upcoming contents.