Kena Bridge Of State Of Minds

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Spread throughout the world of Kena: Bridge of Moods are bags of what are called Spirit Mail. These messages correspond to the numerous homes in the town at the facility of the game, the majority of which are covered in corruption that obstructs your capacity to enter them. With Spirit Mail, you can access each of the residences subsequently, which often hide battles as well as always include collectible incentives. In order to totally recover the town, you need to locate all the Spirit Mail messages concealed in different areas of the video game, and also you can not find all the benefits concealed in Kena: Bridge of Moods without them.

Like other collectibles, Spirit Mail can be challenging to discover– yet frequently, the courses to the items are contemporary of sight, as well as your powers of observation will certainly aid you locate them. We ve located all the Spirt Mail concealed within the video game, and below, you ll discover directions to unlocking each one. If you need assistance locating any kind of Spirit Mail messages, you can check the mail box before the home you re trying to unlock, which will give a hint as to where you can discover the message that unlocks it.

We have actually obtained whole lots more Kena: Bridge of Moods insurance coverage to help you make your method to the supreme objective of reaching the Mountain Shrine. Read our novice s pointers to obtain you started, and also look into our overview to resolving the Angling Shrine in the Forgotten Forest, which has tripped up a great deal of gamers. You may likewise intend to review our overview for triumphing s hard first significant employer, Taro, if you delay, and take a look at our Kena: Bridge of Spirits evaluation.


There are three Spirit Mail messages to discover in the Town, yet the latter two won t be offered until late in the video game when you begin aiming to take care of the video game s third spirit, Toshi. The very first you can jump on your means to Taro s Tree, Rusu s Mountain, and the Forgotten Woodland, yet you ll need to return later to get the remainder. The remainder of the Spirit Mails in the video game can be grabbed as you get in each area and get its new power.

On The Course To The Forest .

When you first reach the village, you ll ultimately avoid the major path to the right, past where the initial hat cart is. There are a lot of houses along the means yet very few you can go into. As you re headed up the course towards Taro s Tree, the last home on the ideal side of the course will have a door obstructed by a piece of wood.

Tree of Savior - Creating the Languid Herb Bomb (Cobalt Forest)

Walk around the back of your home and also guide the Rot to get the large barrel you locate there. Move it over by the residence to the right and you can climb onto the roof covering, after that fall within. You ll discover the Spirit Mail in the back corner of the space.

In The Tower.

You ll check out the northwest side of the town as soon as you have the Dashboard capability. Below, near the Maskmaker s Course location, is a large wood tower that you don t require to enter for any various other purpose.

Head inside and climb to the leading to discover the Spirit Mail.

On The Warrior s Path.

The last Spirit Mail is just easily accessible when you start the Warrior s Course part of Taro s pursuit. Not too much in, you ll require to toss a bomb at a bunch of rocks to rise them, opening your accessibility to some gates. Reach the top of the rock behind you, where there s a rounded system that makes raising the rocks listed below very easy (there s also a sliding course to your right that you ll utilize to access evictions). Don t move on with evictions, though; instead, want to your left and also you ll find some floating rocks set right into the high cliff face.

Blow them up to create a course, and after that use your bow to hit heaven flower across the method and also get in a cavern. You ll locate a battle within, but past it, you ll be able to access a gate that will certainly take you to a sanctum of Taro s, where he might overlook at the blossoming cherry tree. You ll find the Spirit Mail below being in the open there.

Rusu Hill.

There s simply one Spirit Mail in Rusu Mountain, and you can get it as you make your method up the course the very first time you arrive.

At The Waterfalls .

On your method up the hill, you ll see a location with large falls and a climbing problem. You ll require to leap bent on an island with a tree on it, after that make your method to the delegated the wall there, which is noted by a lot of climbing areas.

When you leap over to this wall surface, rather than heading left and also up, jump to the right as well as walk around the corner. You ll go up right into an opening in the wall surface that conceals the Spirit Mail.

Forgotten Forest.

After you receive the bow and open up the door to the Forgotten Woodland, you ll require to clear corruption from 3 shrines to open Taro s tokens. The 2 Spirit Mail messages in this location are appropriate near a pair of those shrines.

Near The God Tree Shrine .

You ll discover the initial Spirit Mail near the God Tree Temple. You ll require to climb up onto among the trees to reach it. As you re headed up, you ll ultimately climb up on a rounded wooden step with a tree branch sticking out in between 2 parts of it. Drop onto the branch and also reverse to look out over the woodland. You should detect a blue flower you can fire with your bow to release yourself throughout the space.

When you get here, use the climbing up walks to get around the side of the tree to a system, where the Spirit Mail waits.

Near The Water Shrine .

With the Water Shrine at your back, take a look at the path to your right that goes even more right into the woods and also around the side of the rock damages you re dealing with. If you stroll a couple of feet down that course and look up and left, you ll detect a blue flower you can strike with your bow.

There s absolutely nothing to arrive on, so you ll quickly need to attract another arrowhead and try to find another flower to your right, making use of the bow s mid-air time-slowing capability to hit the target. When you struck the second blossom, seek to your left for another one in advance. Maintain doing this up until you get to a peak and someplace you can stand, where the Spirit Mail waits.


When you ve finished with Taro s spirit, you ll head back to the town and also make your method west right into the Fields. The entrance to that location takes you via the Storehouse, where you ll locate a single Spirit Mail message as well as can grab it heading.

On The Second Floor .

When you show up in the Storehouse, you ll get an intro on utilizing your spirit bombs for the very first time. Detonate them on beautiful black-and-blue rocks, and also they ll make platforms rise. Make use of the bombs to get to the higher floor of the Storage place to advancement, but while you re here, make certain you examine each location you have the ability to get to on the 2nd floor, as there are several stacks of rocks that can make courses.

Seek the Spirit Mail on the right side of the area, which you can get to with the stack of rocks toward the middle that ll make a course leading up.


There s only one Spirit Mail message in the Area, which you can discover as you re opening the tokens. This remains in the Forge at the north end of the area.

On top Of The Forge .

Function your way with the Area section until you get to the Forge, which is on the way to taking care of Adira s Regret, as soon as you have actually progressed the pursuit far enough to begin searching for her relics.

When you reach the Forge, use the scaffoldings around the beyond the building to climb up as high as you can go. You ll discover the Spirit Mail on top, at a stumbling block.

Village Heart.

Your last token will take you right into the Village Heart area, which is a central village square and a bunch of below ground caverns. There are two messages below: one in the square area with the waterfall water fountain, as well as one near the door to the caves you ll need to solve a problem to open.

In The Town Heart Square .

When you get to the Town Heart, you ll deal with a big battle and also remove some corruption. After it s gone, inspect your house at the rear of the location, to the right of the falls fountain at the back-center of this space.

The Spirit Mail is waiting on a table as well as is easy to nab.

At The Door To The Village Heart Caves .

Proceed inside the Town Heart cavern, where you ll need to make use of bombs to place together the crystal columns that can allow you to turn on the door. As opposed to doing that, turn left and head exterior. The cliffside path goes left and right, so look to your right as well as overlook when you reach the space here to see some rocks you can rise with a bomb. Begin those systems drifting, after that hurdle the gap to an area where you can get hold of the wall and vibrate around the edge.

Go up and also you ll be standing in front of a rock door you can open up with a bomb, which will certainly disclose a cavern with the Spirit Mail inside.